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Zoe' Fitness/Zumba®Fitness With Ivy - Ditch The Workout, Join The Party!!
Ivy is a great Zumba instructor. You can tell she really loves it, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Laura G
She is a great instructor, uses a variety of music and very polite 06/24/2012
Ivy is AMAZING! I really had a GREAT experience, it was my very first time doing Zumba and will DEFINITLY come back!
Thumbs Up! 6/22/2012
This was so much fun! The classes were a great workout and Ivy is very personable. I will definintely attend more of her classes!
Janice 05/15/2012
Ivy is awesome and the work out is full of non-stop entertainment and sweat!
Omg so much fun! All ages and all sizes! Me and my mom went together and we had a blast and didn't even realize we were working out! Highly recommended! Angie, 31
I've enjoyed the classes. They have been both challenging and fun. I would recommend to others to join. Amanda S
Hi Ivy, Your Tuesday night ZUMBA rocks! It's  nothing like my first instructor, your  more intense and I LOVE that! So, thank you. Ive been talking about this class and I have a friend who would love to try it for the first time, she would be able to come with me, right?
Hi Ivy! Just wanted to tell you that I and the other Lesley (Mack) both LOVED your class on Tuesday! I can't  wait til next week. Do you take any requests? If so, I would love to rock out to On the Floor by J Lo and Pitbull. :)
 See you on Tuesday. :)
 Leslie (Fitzie)
I want to try the toning class tomorrow night. Do I need anything special? I have the Zumba toning sticks already. Should I bring them? I came to Tuesday class last week for the first time and LOVED it!
Hilary 7/20/2011
  • Zumba Goer's Son
    Hey Ivy!
    My mom raves about your Zumba classes. Your classes have given her an outlet from her typical day to day. And on behalf of my father and little brother, we thank you!May 5, 2011
I was invited to Zumba on Thursday, September 23, 2010.  I had never heard of this new type of exercise program, however after seeing an infomercial I thought I would try it, and so I went.  My God! I had a ball!  It was so much fun.  For those of you that has never heard of "Zumba" please scroll through your cable directory, it is on every station throughout the day and tune in. Then join me on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 7:30pm - 8:30pm.
After getting my dance on last night, I felt like I lost 5 pounds, but I had so much fun doing it.  This is the new weight lost formula for me!  
If you really want to loose weight and have fun doing it without the stress, pain and anxiety then "Zumba" is it! You won't even realize that you are loosing weight and toning muscle.  
Lynette This was a lot of fun. Ivy is really positive and has great energy! I look forward to doing this again.
Jan 15, 2011 
Barbara Ivy's energy is boundless and her high spirits make the workout fun, even if you are a newbie. She modifies the steps for beginners and ramps it up for the regulars. She makes sweating fun!
January 2011
Penny Jones I loved it! The energy was great and Ivy made it simple to keep up. I certainly didn't get all the moves right but I had a good time and can feel the workout! Thanks Ivy. I'll see you again soon.  Jan 2011
Sondra wrote... "The class is a lot of fun."